Shush Whistles

Shush Whistles are quiet tin whistles specially produced for Big Whistle, and shipped from us to you worldwide. Our Shush Whistles are the best quiet whistles you can get – perfect for practicing at any time of day!

About Shush Whistles

‘Shush’ Whistles are made at a secret worldwide location especially for Big Whistle Music. They are the quietest whistles we stock, requiring minimal breath output and are highly suited for environments where only subdued practice is acceptable.

Currently using the ever-popular High D Green Head Brass Feadog Whistle, ‘Shush Tweaks’ have perfected the art of voicing whistles quietly. The head is free, so it slides on the body tube making the whistle tuneable. There is no loss of pitch from the tweaking process.

Shush have modified the airway with the addition of an extra ‘blade’. Hundreds of these instruments have been sold and we have not received any back claiming that the blade has come off. Shush have also been drop tested, after which the blade is still secure. It is however worth noting that the blade could possibly come off at some stage and to this end we feel to be safe these instruments are only suitable for someone over the age of 18.

Shush Tweaks – they don’t come much quieter than this!