Tina Jordan Rees Tunebook


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76 original compositions by Tina Jordan Rees including reels, jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes, as well as 7/8s, 5/8s, polkas and more.

Tina is a multi-instrumentalist who composes on flute, whistle and piano. The tunes in the first part of this book were all composed on either flute or whistle, with the first 24 featuring on her brand-new debut flute and whistle album, ‘Beatha’. The latter part of the book are all tunes which were composed on piano, many of them inspired by Irish dancing.

All tunes composed by Tina Jordan Rees
Music typesetting by Tina Jordan Rees
Original artwork and photography by Elly Lucas
Formatting, layout and design by David A. Hunter

Tina Jordan Rees is a Glasgow-based traditional musician originally from Lancashire. Tina is a multi-instrumentalist playing piano, flute, and whistles, and she is also a qualified Irish dance teacher. As an avid composer, Tina takes her influences from many places, including the Irish dance music tradition, where she is a household name