Syn High C/D Whistle Set

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Syn Whistles are well known amongst the specialist whistle fraternity worldwide. Stunning whistles made down under by Erle Bartlett – an Aussie with magic in his fingertips. This C/D set, made from polished aluminium body with a brass tuning slide and one delrin head.

Syns are not recommended for beginners but would suit the intermediate player upwards. They take moderately more wind than a conventional mass produced whistle but the reward for this is a full bodied sound.

The Syn Set is ideally suited for pub sessions or playing envirnoments where plenty of welly is required – to drown out the noise made by those bodhran and squeezebox players!

So there you go cobber – two bodies, one head plus a makers cotton carrier.

1 review for Syn High C/D Whistle Set

  1. David Cartmell

    It is an excellent whistle with top quality sound. I like the aesthetics and the whistle having the ability to tune it and change key bodies. It’s loud enough for busy and concert environments and both my D and C keys are good quality but without question the C key is the most beautiful and rich of the two to listen to. The only criticism I would give is that on the D body the holes for the E and F notes are for me a little too close to each other and that you have to be more competent and self aware of the air flow being blown in when it comes from sudden changes when going from high to low notes vice versa. It is definitely a whistle that is suitable and aimed towards intermediate to advanced professional players it is not a whistle that I would recommend for beginners.

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