Syn High Bb/C/D/Eb Combi Whistle Set

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Syn Whistles are well known amongst the specialist whistle fraternity worldwide. Stunning whistles made down under by Erle Bartlett – an Aussie with magic in his fingertips. This Bb/C/D/Eb set, made from polished aluminium body with a brass tuning slide and one delrin head is still good value.

Syns are not recommended for beginners but would suit the intermediate player upwards. They take moderately more wind than a conventional mass produced whistle but the reward for this is a full bodied sound.

The Syn Set is ideally suited for pub sessions or playing envirnoments where plenty of welly is required – to drown out the noise made by those bodhran and squeezebox players!

So there you go cobber – four bodies, one head plus a makers cotton carrier.

1 review for Syn High Bb/C/D/Eb Combi Whistle Set

  1. Paul

    This excellent set arrived very swiftly after placing the order with Big Whistle. They come in a lightweight cotton 4 pouch carrier which is a bonus. There is one head, great shape on the fipple, which can be removed for cleaning. The Syn whistles are for intermediate players and Bb is taking me a while to master with breath control. The others have to be played with gusto, and repay you with pure and loud tone, in tune with themselves, half a tone out if you push too hard. The back pressure, to my taste, is a real bonus, encouraging me to really ‘go for it’, boy are they LOUD! They look great, now that I have cleaned them, they play pure, in tune and loud. The Syn high D is £100, but this set of 4 keys is £160, wow – what great value for an intermediate level set that will truly hold their own in a session. I can’t recommend them enough. Great service from Phil, and a good range of whistles in stock on Big Whistle website. Treat yourself, I have no regrets.

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