Parks Black D Every Whistle Generation 2


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Meet the Generation 2 Parks Every Whistle. This is an incredibly special two part whistle. There is a brass tuning slide. The head is fitted with the famous Parks Tone Ring. The Tone ring is a remarkable and unique feature and is what can be best described as a dial. A mechanism so simple that it can give you (when fully open) that session bullying power – or by contrast – that chiffy, almost inaudible whistle level perfect for intimate practice. The added bonus is that it can also provide all those varied dynamic shades between pianissimo and fortissimo. The body is of CAB plastic (cellulose acetate butyrate), this is both friendly to the player and the environment; there is no chlorine involved in its production. The fipple plug is Delrin, a crystalline plastic, durable but soft and warm to the touch.

Stunning quality and value.