Parks Black Every Whistle Combi C/D/Eb Generation 2


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A beautiful 3 bodied Combi Set made by Parks. Based on the Every Whistle, consisting of three keyed bodies in C, D & Eb. There is a brass tuning slide on the head. The head is also fitted with the famous Parks Tone Ring. The Tone ring is a remarkable and unique feature, it can be turned across the windway to alter the whistle volume. Perfect for private practice and for giving a full range of dynamics. The bodies and are of CAB plastic (cellulose acetate butyrate), this is both friendly to the player and the environment; there is no chlorine involved in its production. The fipple plug is Delrin, a crystalline plastic, durable but soft and warm to the touch. A very popular and difficult to obtain combi set, that offers excellent quality, versatility and a whole dynamic range at your fingertips (via the Tone Ring).

Awaiting new photo. Please note the current photographs feature the Generation 1, the Generation 2 has a brass slide.