MK Pro Low D Whistle – Black Satin

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Conceived, designed and produced by the absolutely outstanding musician and technician Misha Somerville – this is the MK Pro Black Satin Low D Whistle.

Misha set out to make the ultimate Low D Whistle – he claims it drove him mad developing it and once you take a look at the exacting attention to detail given to these instruments, you will see why.

Using up to the minute processes and age-old techniques these aluminium bodied whistles with dedicated brass slides are precision personified. The Black Satin is probably the most popular of all the Pro D’s.

Weight includes shipping case.

1 review for MK Pro Low D Whistle – Black Satin

  1. keith Dickenson

    bought a low D MK pro last year only ever played high whistles before that, so to start with you need to get used to the stretch on the ring finger as on all low whistles, but practice gets you there and well worth it, the MKpro is slightly heavier than some of the other brands , holes are just slightly smaller which is a good thing and i found it needed a little warming up, so get used to the stretch, practice the pipers grip, using the middle finger pads ` get it warmed slighty , its got a mellow haunting sound, very good for the slow airs lovely instrument my favorite. happy whistling. keith

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