Japanese-Style Flute – Bamboo – Erik the Flutemaker


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This 21 1/2 inch side-blown Oriental flute is inspired by the end blown Japanese Shakuhachi – a deep, rich, enchanting, meditative flute with a pentatonic scale.

In Japan the Shakuhachi was played by the Samurai who could no longer carry their swords by government decree. So they made the flute out of the root stock of bamboo and thus could also use it for protection!

Erik says: “My Oriental Flute is made from ancient bamboos originally from China that found their way to Japan. After centuries in Japan the bamboo came over to the US in the 1880’s, settling into Florida into the hands or the earliest horticultural pioneers. I stumbled onto this bamboo in 1973 and because of it settled in Florida to enjoy a career in flute making.”

The Oriental Flute is fire treated, bees waxed and oiled with coconut oil with a protective, strong binding.