iVolga Svirel High D Whistle – PDC-02


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All-wood panpipe with a beautiful round sound of medium volume, made of padauk. It is possible to adjust both up and down. Suitable for playing in an ensemble. Paduk is a showy dark red tropical tree that is stable and dense. Gives a fairly bright and sonorous timbre.
A range of two octaves and eight playing holes allow you to play most of the Russian folk repertoire, as well as almost any popular work (music from films / cartoons, various dances of the peoples of the world, etc.).
The fingering makes it possible to take lowered 3rd, 6th and 7th steps.

Materials: Padouk

Impregnation: Tung oil

Register: High (high)

Key: D (D)

Adjustability: Yes

Range: Two octaves

Action: Diatonic with additional holes on the back for lowered 3rd and 7th steps

Length: 300 mm