Instant Tin Whistle Popular


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The Tin Whistle is a musical instrument possessing two special qualities: it is the cheapest and it’s the simplest. However, don’t be misled into thinking that it’s barely more than a toy, or that it is inferior or a second-rate instrument. On the contrary, despite its cheapness and its easiness for beginners, the tin whistle is a full-blooded musical instrument, capable of music of a quality often unsurpassed by far more eminent instruments.

This book has been carefully designed to substantially increase your chances of success. By the use of a carefully formulated six-point plan, the books set out to:

  • Produce instant results – the special whistle tablature means you are able to play the tunes right from the word go!
  • Sustain interest – the titles in the books have been carefully chosen to make sure that most people are familiar with most of the tunes.
  • Promote enjoyment – the inclusion of words and guitar chords and the encouragement to play with others.
  • Stimulate learning – illustrations are included in the books which will focus your attention on the information which they surround. This will increase your chances of learning.
  • Encourage further research – just a smattering of advanced information has been included, to inspire you to learn more.