Freeman Mellow Dog High D Whistle


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The Freeman Mellow Dog is a classic whistle. It is known the world over – by folks that know – for its purity and quality of sound, yet amazingly it is still a budget instrument. That’s the beauty of Jerry Freeman’s whistles, sheer class for a modest financial investment.

The Mellow Dog has a wider body (similar to a High C Whistle) and produces a mellow and velvety timbre, but it still retains a sweet warm sound. The head of the Mellow Dog started life on a standard C whistle, whilst the body is made by Jerry himself.

It’s a favourite session instrument for Irish musicians who like to blow that bit harder – but don’t let that put you off if you’re an entry level musician. This is a great choice for the beginner – it’s still easy to play and handle yet still has characterful sound.

In a nutshell – a totally brilliant whistle and stunning for the money.

Please note that heads vary between green and black. Also, tweaked whistles may have slight marks on them from the tweaking stage, these marks will not have an impact on playability – but if you want a perfect looking whistle, you may be better avoiding a tweak.