Feadóg C Brass Whistle

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A firm favourite amongst most Traditional Irish Whistlers. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a quality whistle. Many top Irish Whistlers are more than content with their Feadog. Features a cylindrical body with brass finish and a comfortably modelled head.

Some whistlers feel that there is a subtle difference in sound between the brass finish and the nickel plated finish. If you are starting off, remember that most tutor material is written for a ‘D’ whistle, this is in ‘C’.

Mr. Wetyer says: a most popular whistle. A warm sounding brass ‘C’ – a classic.

1 review for Feadóg C Brass Whistle

  1. Marcia OC

    No doubt the Feadóg Brass C Whistle remains a favourite. Its warm voice, clear articulation and chiff, combine to produce a unique beautiful tone one cannot live without. It is also very easy to play the Feadóg C on both registers which are solid and not breathy. A must have C whistle for beginners, intermediate and advanced players alike. I really love whistles in the key of C and I consider my C Feadóg a lovely musical friend for any kind of music I feel like playing. Thanks Big Whistle !

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