Carbony Big Bore Low C Whistle – Close Spacing


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Designed by Rob Gándara, in Oregon, USA, Carbony’s close spacing whistles have become famous around the world.

Thanks to their brilliant design, these whistles are much more ergonomically-friendly than other low whistles, and ideal for people with smaller hands.

Following the success of the Carbony close spacing whistle in D, here is the Carbony Low C Whistle with close spacing.

The innovative carbon-fibre composite enables quick note response, easy articulation, and stable tuning. Designed to be played forever, they are extremely durable. Both their playability and tone has been crafted to perfection.

The Carbony Big Bore Low C Whistle has a fat tapered design Carbon fibre body and chimney extenders to give finger spacing equivalent to a much smaller whistle. This design has been coupled with a tuneable King-machined anodized aluminium mouthpiece for tonal quality and product longevity with a marbled ebonite tip. The whistles boasts beautiful intonation and appearance, and comes with a lifetime warranty. The close-spacing design makes this whistle perfect for players with smaller hands.