Alba Low D Vibe


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This is a very well designed and constructed whistle. Alba are passionate about whistles and relentlessly review and perfect their designs. Their work is well respected and you don’t need to look far to see how many other makers follow their design lead.

This whistle has the roots of the legendary Alba Q1 whistle, a trail blazing whistle noted and respected for sophisticated management of back pressure and its non-invasive chiffy sound. Features of the later Alba design The Vibe have been included in this current version, the Alba Vibe Low D Whistle.

The attention to detail is commendable. The slide has a small (hidden) recess perfectly matched to fit a fine wrap of PTFE tape. As with many Alba’s, the fipple plug is unique (yes, each whistle has a unique coloured fipple plug) made from Albanite – plus there’s a beautifully engraved head too.

The Vibe is a soft to medium blowing whistle that allows dynamic control.

The simple message is, unbeatable build and playing qualities for a market beating price. Many makers are at least double this price for a comparable whistle.