110 Ireland’s Best Tin Whistle Tunes Vol. 2


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Here it is, the one you have all been waiting for.

Book One has to be one of our best sellers. This is a further selection of Ireland’s best whistle tunes. This publication is a little different though. Not only does it include Reels, Jigs, Slip Jigs, Hornpipes and Slow Airs it also has material from more unusual traditional forms such as mazurka, waltz, barn dance and strathspey, as well as music from Brittany, Galicia and Scotland.

A really well illustrated book. No tablature but many lovely bits of information on Crans, Long and Short Rolls, Slow Air Playing and Vibrato…not to mention the tunes and the chords.

Mr. Wetyer says: enhance your tune repertoire 110 times!