Parks Whistles

Manufactured in the US, Parks Whistles are an excellent-sounding mid-budget whistle, with excellent volume control for dynamics.

About Parks Whistles

Here at Big Whistle we never cease to be amazed by the ingenuity within the wonderful world of whistle making.

For years we have known that there is a desire for a quiet whistle and have been keen to provide these (in various types) through our business. What a great idea therefore to have a whistle that can have what is in effect a volume control!

Carey Parks has done just that with his unique Tone Ring on the Parks Every Whistle. Intrinsic to this mouthpiece design is a dial…yes a dial! A mechanism so simple that it can give you (when fully open) that session bullying power – or by contrast – that chiffy, almost inaudible whistle level perfect for intimate practice. The added bonus is it can also provide all those varied dynamics between pianissimo and fortissimo!

These instruments are made in sturdy P.V.C. – are tuneable and come in ‘Combi’ sets of C/D/Eb or singularly as a D. Many players have been astounded by the quality of these mid-budget instruments. Congratulations Carey. A much-needed versatile design is now available due to some cunning design work on your part!