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Big Whistle stocks low whistles from many of the world’s favourite whistle brands. Popular low whistle makers include Dixon, Howard, Goldie, Carbony, Burke, and MK Whistles. Use the filter to sort by key and find low D whistles, low G whistles, low F whistles and more. Browse high whistles here.

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About the Low D Whistle

The low D whistle was first developed in the early 70s by Bernard Overton – creator of the famous Overton whistle. Since its inception, the instrument has grown in popularity, thanks to its deep, rich tones.

Although Overton whistles are no longer in production, today, there are many fantastic low whistle makers in the market. Most of the biggest brands are stocked here by Big Whistle, including the likes of Howard, Burke, Carbony, Goldie, Dixon, MK, and others.