Low G Whistles: Here Are 4 Of The Best

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Behind the low D, the low G whistle is probably the second most popular pitch for a low whistle, on a par with the F. Of course, the D is the gold standard, as the most common key in folk music. We also see some demand for C and A whistles. But the low G comes in squarely as the main contender for joint second! The difficulty whistlers face is that relatively few makers manufacture low Gs, so they are in relatively short supply. That said, at Big Whistle, we like to stay on top of things to supply whistlers like you with the whistles you want. We stock and wholeheartedly recommend the following three low Gs, which come from some of the best makers in the world.

Dixon DX107G Low G

dixon low g whistle

Made from polymer and aluminium, the Tony Dixon DX107G is the best budget low G you will get your hands on. The double ‘O’ ring provides excellent tuneability, and both the physical feel and tone of this whistle give it the feel of a much more expensive product. The perfect entry level low G for anyone wanting to branch into a new key of low whistle.

Shop the Dixon Low G Whistle.

MK Pro Low G

The MK Pro range is renowned as one of the very best all-round low whistle ranges. The MK Pro low G boasts the same qualities as its famous MK Pro low D sister. Ergonomic design, a beautiful tone, and a stunning finish are what you can expect from this fine whistle. It comes with an aluminium body and brass tuning slide.

Shop the MK Pro Low G Whistle.

Goldie Alto Low G

Goldie Alto G Tuneable. Soft Blow

Like all Goldie whistles, Colin Goldie’s ‘alto’ low G is not easy to get hold of! As a master craftsman, each new whistle Colin makes gets snapped up quickly. It offers the characteristic Goldie tone, sleek aluminium finish, and distinctive square head that you will all instantly recognise.

Shop the Goldie Low G Whistle.

Carbony Low G

carbony low g whistle

The Carbony low G whistle is created from Carbony’s special carbon-fibre compound which makes it extremely resistant to changes in temperate and degradation – even after years of playing. On top of that, it sounds great, and offers excellent playability with its ergonomic design. A stunning low G for the pro player, and anyone looking to impress!

Shop the Carbony Low G Whistle.

If you’re trying to source a different low G, do get in touch with us. We’ll do our best to order it in for you. You can also use our low whistle page to filter and browse our stock by key/pitch, material, maker, and so on.

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