Low F Whistles: 4 Top Makers

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  • Post last modified:January 26, 2022
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The low F whistle is one of the more popular ‘unusual’ keys for a low whistle. For experienced whistlers looking to try different keys, the low F, along with the G, makes a popular second-choice to the typical low D. There are relatively few low F whistles on the market, but at Big Whistle, we like to stock a few from our favourite makers. In this short blog post, we highlight three of our favourite low Fs from Goldie, Carbony, iVolga, and MK Whistles.

Carbony Low F

Manufactured in the US, Rob Gandara’s Carbony whistles are amongst the best available in the world today. Made from a unique carbon compound, Carbony whistles have excellent sonic properties, and are also extremely hard wearing. Carbony’s low F whistle boasts a fantastic tone that we think is well worth the money.

Material: Carbon fibre
Price range: £280 / €336 / $379

Shop the Carbony Low F whistle.

Goldie Low F

Goldie Low F Whistle - Tuneable - Medium Soft Blow

Made in Germany by master craftsman Colin Goldie, there’s a good reason why these are quite possibly the most coveted low Fs in the world. If you’ve ever heard a Goldie, or played one yourself, you’ll know why. The Goldie low F aluminium whistle offers that distinctive Goldie tone in the alto range, with excellent playability.

Material: Aluminium
Price range: £295 / €354 / $399

Shop the Goldie Low F Whistle.

iVolga Wooden Low F

ivolga wooden low f whistle VFC_01_01

We’re in love with the iVolga whistle here at Big Whistle. Crafted in Russia, iVolga’s wooden whistles offer excellent quality at an affordable price. Their beautiful, woody tone is enchanting – and even more so on the low whistles that they have recently started to develop. Bear in mind that wood requires a little additional care and attention, and you’ll be sure to get years of enjoyment out of one of these whistles.

Material: Stabilised wood, brass
Price range: £130 / €156 / $176

Shop the iVolga Low F Whistle.

MK Low F

MK Kelpie Low F Whistle

From Misha Somerville’s workshop in Scotland, MK produces two excellent low F whistles. In case you’re not familiar with MK, they offer two main ranges of their extremely playable aluminium whistles – the Pro range, and the more affordable Kelpie range. The Pro range, which has undergone constant innovation to achieve a brilliant sound, is adored by whistlers around the world. From the same workshop, the Kelpie range is perfect if you are limited by your budget. We stock both at Big Whistle.

Material: Aluminium
Price range: Kelpie £129 / €155 / $175 and Pro £262 / €314 / $355

Shop the MK Kelpie Low F Whistle and MK Pro Low F Whistle.

Looking for a low F that’s not listed here? Get in touch and we’ll source it for you. Alternatively, use our low whistle finder to browse low whistles in a range of keys and materials.

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