Lír Whistles

Manufactured in Mayo, Ireland, Lír whistles are based on the celebrated design by John Sindt. Inspired by a thousand years of tradition, these Irish tin whistles offer a beautiful tone at an affordable price.

About Lír Whistles

Designed with the modern player in mind, the Lír whistle is inspired by nearly a thousand years of traditional celtic flutes and whistles. Lir have worked side-by-side with some of Ireland’s great whistle players, adapting a time-honoured design to allow the player the ability to effortlessly flow across three octaves whilst maintaining a smooth tone.

The Lír whistle usually a unique compound for the composition of the body, using much more copper in the brass compound. This makes the whistle stronger, creating a much more stable sound, and allowing the player to push the boundaries of what the tin whistle can do.