Killarney Whistles

Manufactured in Killarney, Ireland, Killarney tin whistles offer a bright and clear tone in both octaves, precise intonation, and excellent responsiveness. These stunning, professional-standard high D whistles are available with either brass or nickel-plated body

About Killarney Whistles

Designed by lifelong whistlers Padraig Buckley & Tadhg Buckley, Killarney whistles are precision, handmade instruments that are ‘made by whistlers and for whistlers,’ with over 80 years combined experience between them.

Killarney’s high D whistles offer a bright, crisp tone. Their internal tuning is excellent, and a tuning slide enables fine-tuning, if necessary, in the case of temperature changes. The nicely-designed polymer mouthpiece is comfortable to use, and both the brass and nickel-plated finishes scream quality! The whistles also come with a fabric pouch.

A Killarney whistle is an excellent choice for whistlers looking to step up from an economy penny whistle to something a bit more special.