iVolga Wooden Whistles

These beautiful wooden penny whistles are crafted in Russia and boast a beautiful finish and lovely tone. One of the finest wooden tin whistle brands on the market, and at a very affordable price. Browse our iVolga wooden whistle range including both tuneable and non-tuneable low and high whistles in different woods, finishes, and keys.

About iVolga Wooden Whistles

Crafted in Russia since 2002, iVolga Flutes offer some of the finest wooden instruments on the market. Their range features whistles manufactured from a variety of woods, some of which are paired beautifully with brass fittings.

iVolga manufactures both Russian ‘svirel’ and Irish wooden tin whistles. We stock the following:

The VD-01 is crafted from stabilized maple, and finished with tung oil and brass fittings. It is not tuneable. It offers a round, woodsy tone and is suitable for beginner and intermediate players, with easy to medium backpressure and medium volume.

The VD-02 is crafted from padouk with brass fittings, and finished with tung oil. It affords a woody tone, and is suitable for beginner to intermediate whistlers. It plays with easy to medium backpressure at medium volume, and is not tuneable.

The VDC-01 is a tuneable whistle made from stabilized maple and beech birchwood, with brass fittings. It offers a beautiful warm tone, and benefits from a brass tuning slide.

The PD-01 is a non-tuneable Russian-style whistle. The scale is diatonic with two additional holes on the back side to play flat 3rd and flat 7th, but it may be used as a common Irish whistle by covering the holes on the back with tape.