Generation Tin Whistles

Big Whistle stock a wide selection of Generation tin whistles in brass and nickel, and in a range of keys. Based in the market town of Oswestry, England, Generation have been making musical instruments since 1966. They remain the traditional first-choice of many whistlers worldwide.

About Generation Whistles

Generation Music is a family business that traces its roots back to 1966 when businessman and engineer Alfred Brown moved from London to Oswestry. Shropshire, to start a small musical instrument manufacturing company. Originally producing recorders, swanee-whistles, and tambourines, the company’s famous Generation Flageolet was born in 1968. The business was passed down to Alfred’s sons, David and Peter Brown, and now his grandson, Robert Brown.

About the Generation Flageolet

The Generation Whistle, often referred to as the Original Generation Flageolet is today recognised around the world as an affordable, quality, British-made tin whistle. A Generation high D makes the perfect first whistle for anyone starting out on their whistling journey.