Tony Dixon Whistles

Big Whistle stocks a wide range of Tony Dixon whistles. One of our most popular ranges, Dixon whistles are affordable, come in a range of low and high keys and offer a beautiful tone. We stock several types of Dixon low D whistle in both polymer and aluminium.

About Tony Dixon Whistles

Tony Dixon is a maker based in Devon, England and has been making flutes, pipes and tin whistles for many years. He is an accomplished musician, recording artist and a discerning technician. As a result, he has an excellent quality control policy.

Whilst he makes instruments from traditional materials such as Maple & Cherry, Tony’s technical knowledge gave him the confidence to experiment in making his very popular whistles and flutes from polymer. Popular Tony Dixon low D whistles include the TB012D, TB003D, and DX102D.

His innovation hasn’t stopped there: his ‘Duo’ range, instruments with one body and two heads – i.e. a piccolo/whistle or a flute/low whistle are real market leaders.

All Dixons are checked by Tony himself before leaving his workshop. Ergonomically, they are very impressive and, as you would expect from such a popular maker, they sound great too.