Carbony Whistles

Expertly engineered from Carbony™ carbon-fibre, these whistles offer the very best in design and sound from Pipe Makers Union. Browse Carbony low D whistles and high D whistles below.


About Carbony Whistles

Based in Oregon, USA, Pipe Makers Union was founded by Rob Gándara in 2006. Carbony™ is an innovative carbon-fibre composite, optimised for use in wind instruments. Carbony whistles are more sonically efficient than their wooden instruments, producing a faster note response and greater ease of articulation. Carbony whistles are also extremely tough – they will not crack or rot, and they do not warp. Their sound also remains stable regardless of temperature and humidity.

Carbony instruments also boast excellent sustainability credentials. The product requires minimal material removal, significantly reducing waste. The whistles are designed to be played forever – their durability means that you should never need to replace your Carbony whistle. No trees are cut down in the process, and as a minimum resin content carbon fibre material, petroleum content is also minimised.

Meet the Maker: Rob Gándara

Rob Gándara is president and Chief Technical Officer at Pipe Makers Union, and the inventor of Carbony. He is a multi-instrumentalist who has played in dozens of bands over the past three decades. The development of Carbony reflects his specialisms in both engineering and music – in his studies he concentrated on music and psychoacoustics.

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