• Low F Whistles: 4 Top Makers

    low f whistles

    The low F whistle is one of the more popular ‘unusual’ keys for a low whistle. For experienced whistlers looking to try different keys, the low F, along with the G, makes a popular second-choice to the typical low D. There are relatively few low F whistles on the market, but at Big Whistle, we […]

  • Low G Whistles: Here Are 4 Of The Best

    low g whistles

    Behind the low D, the low G whistle is probably the second most popular pitch for a low whistle, on a par with the F. Of course, the D is the gold standard, as the most common key in folk music. We also see some demand for C and A whistles. But the low G […]

  • 13 Best Tin Whistles for Beginners to Pros

    best tin whistles

    The modern tin whistle, also known as the penny whistle, traces its history back back to 1843. It is a staple of folk music, and traditional Irish music in particular. First conceived by Robert Clarke, the Clarke Tin Whistle holds the claim of being the ‘original’ tin whistle. But the Clarke is not the only […]

  • 5 Best Low D Whistles in 2022

    best low d whistles

    First developed in the early 1970s by Bernard Overton, the low D whistle has grown in popularity over the decades. The warm, deep, flute-like tones of the low whistle have made it a popular musical instrument amongst folk musicians and even some jazz musicians worldwide. Today, low D whistle makers are popping up all over […]