Alba Whistles

Crafted in the Scottish Highlands, Alba whistles are made from brushed aluminium. Offering both a low D and high D whistle, Alba whistles offer a beautiful and distinctive tone at an extremely reasonable price.

About Alba Whistles

Alba Whistles are handcrafted in the Highlands of Scotland. They have a real look and an identity of their own. Stacey O’Gorman, the Director of Alba Whistles, has designed a special feature, to add to the end of the beautifully finished brushed aluminium body. This is a synthetic fipple plug made from water resistant ‘Albanite’. There is also a novel mouthpiece with a curved wind way to reduce moisture problems. 

Alba Whistles are available in a range of keys. Their pricing belies the quality of the product – they are superb value for money and have that distinctive, seductive Alba sound.