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The tin whistle (also known as the Irish whistle or penny whistle) is the quintessential folk music instrument. Although whistles dates back to ancient times, the modern tin whistle dates back to mid-19th century, when we saw the birth of the Clarke Tin Whistle. A simple instrument to pick up, a number of makers produce low-cost ‘penny’ whistles to an excellent standard. 

Recent decades have seen new makers spring up to develop the sound and playability of the tin whistle, as well as the innovation of the low whistle in the 1970s. The low whistle is a larger whistle, which uses the same fingering as earlier tin whistles (the “piper’s grip”. An octave lower, it offers a deeper, flute-like sound that has appealed to both folk and jazz musicians around the world.

Big Whistle Music has been supplying whistlers around the globe since 2000. We stock a wide range of fantastic makers and whistle accessories, shipping to countries around the world. We look forward to supplying you on your whistling journey!